Third Conditional

Tell me, cat lovers: have you ever regretted having done something? Hmm... I bet you have!
We all can be a little sad/angry over a mistake we did in the past.


If + Subject + had / hadn't + Past Participle + , + Subject + would / wouldn't + have + Past Participle

This is my first cat. Her name is Nanao, and I love her very much. She's kind and playful, but sometimes she doesn't know how to behave well because she's also somewhat moody.
The other day, she was a bad cat, so I took her to jail. 😧

If I hadn't been a naughty cat, I wouldn't have been in jail the other day.


wouldn't have been in jail the other day if I hadn't been a naughty cat.

Even cats have regrets! LOL

Notice, that there's no comma in the second sentence.

-Miss Gatitos


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