Future Simple

We use this tense to express things we will do in the future.
There are 2 ways to refer to the future.

  1. Will: this modal verb is used to make instant decisions and predictions.
  2. Going to: you use this one when you have something already planned for the future.
Affirmative Form (+) → Subject + Will / Going to + bare infinitive

Negative Form (-) → Subject + Will not (won't) / Not Going to + bare infinitive

Interrogative Form  Will + Subject + bare infinitive  + ? / BE + Subject + going to + bare infinitive + ?


(+) Ani will be tired later.
(-) Ani will not (won't) be tired later.
(?) Will Ani be tired later?

Going to

(+) Ani is going to take a nap.
(-) Ani is not going to take a nap.
(?) Is Ani going to take a nap?

See the difference?

Good luck practicing Future Simple!

-Miss Gatitos


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