Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Life would be a lot easier if we just could simply count everything. However, there are things that we cannot count even if we wanted to! Can you think about a thing you can't count? No?... Not yet? Oh! So you need some help, don't you? Let me help you, then. Take a look at these two cute tabbies:

πŸ’–Ani and Romeo love each other so much.πŸ’–

Awww! Love! So sweet, so pure, so warm... Such a beautiful feeling!
So tell, me, dear English learner (and cat lover), can you count love? No, right? You cannot count it because it's always soooooo much that you can't express it with numbers.

When we have nouns we cannot count we talk about Countable nouns. On the other hand, when you talk about nouns that can be counted easily, we talk about Uncountable (also called Non-Countable) nouns.

Let me expand these concepts:

Countable nouns: these are nouns that have both, a singular and a plural form. They, also, are elements you can count quickly.

I have six cats.

Noun in the sentence: cat
Can I count cats? Of course, I can!
Can I count them quickly? Yup.
Therefore, I can conclude that 'cat' is a countable noun.

More example of countable nouns:

  • Most fruits and vegetables.
  • Elements you use in your daily life (pen, eraser, bed, among others)

Uncountable nouns: these are nouns that have a singular form only. They cannot be counted quickly.

Ani feels so much love for Romeo.

Noun in the sentence: love
Can I count love? C'mon! I can't! I can only feel it. Can you measure a feeling in numbers? Nope.
Can I count love quickly? Dude, you cannot count emotions nor feelings.
Therefore, I can conclude that 'love' is an uncountable noun.

More examples of uncountable nouns:
  • Feelings and emotions.
  • Usually, food groups such as proteins (meat, chicken, fish), grains (oat, rice, bread), and diary (milk, cheese, yogurt). 
  • You cannot count liquids either. You always refer to them mentioning a unit: a cup of coffee, a bottle of soda, a glass of water, and so on...
  • Remember that you cannot count sugar crystals quickly, and the same goes for salt, coffee, and tea leaves so obviously, they're uncountable nouns.
-Miss Gatitos


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