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Modal verbs

Hi, dear followers! In today's mini-lesson, I'm going to explain the Modal Verbs. First of all: what is a Modal Verb? They are auxiliary verbs we use to express different things.  For example: possibilities, obligations, abilities, among others. Here you have a list you can use as a memo for your self-study.  In this opportunity, Romeo will serve as the protagonist in every example: I could eat five cans of tuna and even more! Can → ability, permission, possibility Could → possibilities, ability in the past Must → obligation Must not → prohibition May → high possibility/probability , permission Might → remote possibility/probability , polite permission Should → suggestion Need to → necessity Need not → lack of necessity Ought to → obligation, logical conclusion Had better → advice Can you think about your own examples? It all depends on what you want to express. Allow me to help you with this. Did you know that I have a lot

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